VENTEK offers venture investments, business ANd TECHNOLOGY consulting, and advisory for technology startups globally. our primary focus are platform businesses where there exists a large market with technology tailwinds. in such areas as software, hardware, robotics, networking, e-commerce and ai / AIGC. as founders ourselves, we know the ins and outs of management, hiring, and operations to help you achieve Ipo or m&A as a partner for the long-term.  

Select Companies


Leader in Robotic Aerial Security (ASX)

  The Future of Car Ownership

Change the Way You Fly


Next Gen Sensing Platform


eSports Technology Provider

Coding for Kids (ACQUIRED)

Greater china + SEA

Creative Imagery, Sounds & Motion


 Gen Z Social Metaverse 

Enabling the Augmented World

Your Workforce, Synchronized

    Delivery Made Easy (ACQUIRED)

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Gen Z Housing Solution 

OTher EMERGING Markets


B2B e-commerce in Africa


B2B e-commerce in Pakistan

Latam Payment Solutions




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